ERRORS on Skeptical Science Site
(The posts which Skeptical Science cannot answer and deleted immediately.)
As explained in more detail on my Radiation page, it has now been proved both theoretically and empirically that "back radiation" from a cooler atmosphere cannot add thermal energy to a warmer surface.  This proof thus completely debunks the "Greenhouse Effect" hypothesis.
Rather than address the issue, the biased Skeptical Science site merely deletes posts within a few minutes.  I have made numerous postings such as these and these (plus that below and this) on the Skeptical Science site which they have obviously not been able to contradict and have promptly deleted.  I have registered under several email addresses each one being blocked so that I can post no more without setting up yet another email address.  Now it seems they have blocked my access to their whole site.  Below I discuss some of their errors:
They have had a cursory look at my site and, as a result, filled a page on their site which shows complete misunderstanding of what I am saying about surface temperatures being stabilised by underground temperatures.  They go on about the very small magnitude of the heat flow from the core and try to imply that my argument is thus debunked.  Obviously they have not read my detailed "Explanation" page or, indeed, made any genuine effort even to understand the Home page.
On their site they love to draw linear trends from back in the last part of last century, without acknowledging that the current climate data shows a distinct flattening and no further significant warming since 2003.  When talking about the Arctic they ignore the fact that it was warmer there in the 1930's than it is now - see my Home page.  All they look at is a short-term recent rise.
Then they get into the other general errors made by climatologists who assume that back radiation must cause warming and the missing spectral lines for carbon dioxide at the top of the atmosphere mean that "heat" (actually thermal energy) is being absorbed by carbon dioxide.  This point is covered on the Home page.
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